Forte dei Marmi

A few kilometers from Viareggio you can find Forte dei Marmi, which name comes from a Fortress (Forte) that was built here by the Granduke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo, and from the Marble (Marmo) available up on the close Apuan Alps. This small center became really famous during the 60s when it turned into the core of the Bella Vita, with a lot of famous actors and characters, national and international, who were choosing the town in order to spend their holidays. The famous Capannina, for example, is a typical local disco that was the hearth of nightlife and where a lot of Italian movies about the glorious 60s in Italy where shot. Also nowadays in Forte dei Marmi you can find shops of famous Italian brands like Armani, Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and others. Forte dei Marmi is still the most fashionable (and expensive) town of the area, where a lot of famous people decide to buy a house, in order to spend their time or just to state their importance in society. During the night a lot of famous discos become a target for young people coming from all the rest of the Region.