Corchia Underground

Under the Mount Corchia there is the largest karst complex of Italy; one of the major in the whole Europe. The gallery of Corchia Underground already explored are indeed long about 60 km, but just 2 of them are now open to the public.

Discovered by the naturalist Emilio Simi in 1847, the cave was subjected to several exploration mostly in the 30s, the 60s and the 80s of the nineteenth century. However the opening to the public occurred only in 2001 after the securing of the paths dedicated to visitors.
The entrance has been carved in an abandoned marble quarry and along the path you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, columns and pearls made of limestone.
Once entered the cave and accustomed to the cold temperature, about 7°C, the tour allow you to visit many scenarios: English Gallery, Friday Gallery, Petrified Forest, Stalactites Gallery.

Corchia Underground is placed in the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps nearby the town of Levigliani in the municipality of Stazzema, just 30 km from Viareggio.
To arrive at the entrance you can take advantage of the free bus service departing from the town.