Hotel in Viareggio

Hotel in Viareggio near Carnival Citadel

3-star Hotel in Versilia

What is the carnival citadel?

Is a big square surrounded by 16 warehouses, where it’s possible to discover the magical world of Viareggio’s Carnival all the year long!

The papier-mâché “wizards”, in their giant workshops, are going to show to adults and children the secrets of their technique, explaining step by step how a papier-mâché opera taking life.

The multimedia museum is retracing the hundred-year-old history of Viareggio’s Carnival.

The grand elliptic square during the summertime is turning into a open air theatre, with concerts by the most famous artists of rock and pop music, musicals and cabaret shows.

Hotel in Viareggio

Why choose Hotel Vittoria

3-star hotel near the seafront of Viareggio and in front of the western pine forest