Hotel in Viareggio

Hotel with restaurant in Viareggio with Children Menù

3-star Hotel in Versilia

Welcome Kids!…at Hotel Vittoria you’ll always find a special place reserved for you!

While Mom and Dad are eating in tranquillity, you can ride the tricycle and the wheel-car or play with other toys close to the veranda. And in case weather is not so nice and Dad is “surfing” at the internet place, a big box full of toys will be waiting for you to amuse you with new games.

The daily menu can always be changed up to your needs. Baby food, soups, pasta, tender grilled meat…all cooked to order to satisfy the special needs of our little guests.

Celiacs Menù

We put a special attention in their needs and we’re always available to realize tasteful meals with special food in a safe and dedicated area, free from any contamination.

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3-star hotel near the seafront of Viareggio and in front of the western pine forest