Pietrasanta: art in Versilia

Pietrasanta is one of the historic towns of Versilia, set at the foot of the marble quarries. Its history is deeply tied to the extraction of this “white gold”.
The city, also known as Athens of Versilia, boasts a long tradition in marble artwork, which began during the Medici domination.

Pietrasanta is today a renowned as bronze and marble processing center, attended by many Italian and foreign artists. Often in the main square are exposed sculptures and contemporary art installations. The historic center is very well-kept and rich in monuments, including the Duomo, the Church of Sant’Agostino, the cloister, the library, the civic tower and the theater.

This wealth has made Pietrasanta become the true heart of art in Versilia with exhibitions and galleries open all year round.
However, art is not the only attraction the city offers its visitors. The direct outlet to the sea of Pietrasanta is the town of Marina, a seaside area where there is also a large Mediterranean pine forest. It is the park of Villa La Versiliana, built by the will of the Grand Duke of Tuscany in the 1800s.